PennsylVANia Van Council,Inc.

PennsylVANia Van Council,Inc.

The PennsylVANia VAN Council was established in November of 1992 with the first meeting of the representatives from Performance,Inc.,Mills Van Club,Solid Foundation and Borderline Truckers. At the first meeting some initial guidelines/bylaws were discussed as well as new clubs to contact.

As of now here are the clubs and one independant. They are: Moon Lite Vans,Inc.,Performance,Inc.,South Valley Vans, Susquehanna Valley Vans,Inc.,Generation Next Van Club.,Twilight Truckers and Fred Crabbs II (Woodchuck) Independent

The Current Officers Are:

Jim Thorne Performance Inc. Co-Chairman

Dennis Griffith Moon Lite Vans,Inc. Treasurer

Phil Martin Susquehanna Valley Vans,Inc. Secretary

Kevin LeVan Moon Lite Vans,Inc. Public Relations

We are currently in the early stages of putting on another Summerset.